Our straightforward, simple, privacy policy:

  1. The only personal information we collect about visitors to our site is what they willingly and knowingly provide us in the contact form or in direct e-mail.
  2. We do not, and will not, convey personal information concerning our Web site visitors or clients to any third party.
  3. We use personal information concerning Web site visitors only for the explicit intent for which it was submitted (e.g., to send out brochures, reply to inquiries, or to sign them up for requested e-mailings).
  4. All personal information concerning visitors is kept securely on our own in-house storage media.
  5. Any questions concerning the privacy and security of your personal information can be directed to:

Bruce Edstrom
Center for Biblical Counseling
9401 LBJ Freeway, Ste. 420
Dallas, TX 75243